Monday, 22 April 2013

Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapore

My parents and I decided to head to PS on a Saturday night with intentions of trying out Tim Ho Wan... HOWEVER, THE QUEUE WAS HORRENDOUS!! So, we decided to check out other restaurants in the new extension of PS and chanced about Hoshino Coffee. It is somewhat like a Japanese Cafe/Restaurant/Deserts place to have nice coffee and deserts! :) I did not try the coffee as it was dinner time and I did not want to be wide awake after~ hahas! I will want to try it the next time I visit!

Anyways, this place looks really classy and cosy with the sofas and wooden furniture as their background. Our table also have this 'bell service' thing in which you can just press and a waiter/waitress will come to address you shortly! That way, you won't have to raise your hands and wave around like you were in a classroom trying to get the teacher's attention...

We ordered the following:

1. Clam Chowder

In my opinion, the soup was average, comparable to Fish & Co's clam chowder~ BUT! The main fav in this dish is DEFINITELY the bread! OMG! The bread was super soft, fluffy and OH SO YUMMY~ I think it's like some French bread? If you don't want the soup, there are sandwiches options available and you can order that! Overall, what I like about this soup is ironically their bread because it is SUPER NICE!

2. Their Signature pasta

I think it's with olive oil and some herbs~ Not cream or tomato based! It was not bad! Light, not too 'gelard' Would prefer the bacon to be slightly more crispy. But, that's my preference! The sesame seeds was something refreshing, first time I've seen it being add to pasta~ brought out a whole new different flavour!

3. Cabonara

This dish was not to my liking. It was alright.. Moreover, my favourite cabonara will still be the one I ate at Pasta de Waraku with the egg in the middle! :)

4. Vanilla Souffle!

SUPER YUMMY! I think their deserts all look super enticing!!! :) this was GOOD!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ;) comparable to Bakerzin's one! I would love to try the Pancake Souffle next time!! :)

5. Banana Chocolate Brownie Parfait which cost $12?! It was good but WAY TOO OVERPRICED for ice cream man~~ But! I still love how Japanese parfaits like this have cornflakes in them! It's such a pleasant surprise to bite them with the ice cream softly melting in your mouth! Their vanilla ice cream reminds me of those Hokkaido milk! SUPER FRESH and sweet! :)


Ambience 3.5/5
Quality of food 4/5
Location 3/5 (because of slightly long queues during peak period)
Service 3/5
Affordability 3/5

You can try out this place at 

68 Orchard Road
#03-84 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Till next time!